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Gravel Road Grader


  • Hardox wear edges on the blades optional
  • Hydraulically operated front ripper teeth with or without removable tips optional
  • Optional hydraulically controlled left and right side camber
Gravel Road Grader

Suitable for:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Construction
  • Municipal
  • Tractor

One of our recent additions to the Murray Machinery range is the Gravel Road Grader. With many farm, estate and forestry roads in a very bad condition with potholes and puddles, the Gravel Road Grader will reinstate any gravel road to a new and pristine condition. The optional features of front ripper teeth and adjustable camber angle allow the operator to grade the road flat or leave the road high in the middle to allow the rain water to run off, both leading to road conditions less stressful for drivers and their vehicles.

The Gravel Road Grader MK 2 has the facility to tilt the complete bottom frame to allow the road to be graded high to the left or the right.

Both models can be fitted with hardox edges or front ripper teeth.

Please visit our YouTube channel to see the new Mark 2 Tilting Frame Road Grader demonstration and our 3m Gravel Road Grader with Hydraulic Tilting Frame in action with Michael at MTB Contractors. Also on our YouTube channel is a video of our new full spec Gravel Road Grader complete with hydraulically operated front ripper teeth with removable tips

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Size ID MS Cost
2.5 metre wide RG/2.5M T £3,465*
3.0 metre wide RG/3.0M T £3,795*
Hardox edges - 2.5 metre wide RG-HE/2.5 T £550*
Hardox edges - 3.0 metre wide RG-HE/3.0 T £625*
Hydraulic Tilting Frame RG/TF T £1,895*
Hydraulic Operation - front and rear levelling ba RG/FRLB T £775*
Hydraulic Operated Ripper Teeth RG/RT T £1,680*
Hydraulic Operated Ripper Teeth with removable tip RG/RTRT T £2,190*

* Cost excluding VAT

Machine Suitability (MS) Column Key:

Loading Shovel
Skid Steer
Front Loader