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Muck Fork With Top Grab


  • Constructed with heavy duty box section
  • Two hydraulic cylinders to operate the top grab
  • Features SHW tines and curved tines
  • Contractor models available
Muck Fork With Top Grab

Suitable for:

  • Agriculture
  • Skid Steer
  • Front Loader
  • Telehandler
  • Loading Shovel

The Murray Muck Fork with Top Grab is a heavy duty general pupose implement which will cater for most manure moving jobs on and around the farm. It is fitted with two hydraulic rams operating across the top of the machine. Heavy duty straight tines are fitted to the bottom member of the back frame whilst curved tines are fitted to the grab.

A feature of the construction is the tapered tine socket employed to hold the tine rigidly in the frame; a system assuring the tines will remain secure and tight in their sockets after many hours of rigorous operation.

The implement is available with a wide range of mountig brackets to suit any tractor, loader, front or rear mounted. We also make the muck fork and top grabs to suit contractor models.

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Size ID MS Cost
4’ wide c/w top grab MF/TL/4.0/ SS, FL, TH, LS £1,255*
5’ 6” wide c/w top grab MF/TL/5.6/ SS, FL, TH, LS £1,775*
5’ 6” c/w top grab MF/IND/5.6 SS, FL, TH, LS £2,305*
7’ c/w top grab MF/IND/7.0 SS, FL, TH, LS £2,705*
7' 6" c/w top grab MF/IND/7.6 SS, FL, TH, LS £2,895*
6’ 6” c/w top grab MF/TH/6.6/ SS, FL, TH, LS £2,745*
7’ c/w top grab MF/TH/7.0/ SS, FL, TH, LS £2,885*
7’ 6” c/w top grab MF/TH/7.6/ SS, FL, TH, LS £2,995*
8’ c/w Top Grab MF/TH/8.0/ SS, FL, TH, LS £3,145*
8' Contractor Model c/w Top Grab MFCM/8.0-T TH, LS £3,625*
9' Contractor Model c/w Top Grab MFCM/9.0-T TH, LS £3,955*

* Cost excluding VAT

Machine Suitability (MS) Column Key:

Loading Shovel
Skid Steer
Front Loader